Many artists in Bergen were inspired by the beautiful surroundings and the almost magical sea light. Museum Kranenburg, a cultural country estate in Bergen, has been showing the work of this Bergen School since its opening in 1993, but also of many other contemporary artists. Throughout the year there are many special exhibitions, concerts and lectures. There are also special programs for children. The museum is in a beautiful location near the center of Bergen and has a beautiful sculpture garden with café and terrace.

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Museum Het Sterkenhuis is now housed in an originally 17th-century longhouse farm. The Mons Treasury introduces you to peasant life in the 18th and 19th centuries. Furniture, household objects, silverware, porcelain and traditional costumes give you a glimpse into the past. The museum also tells the story of The Battle of Bergen on September 19, 1799.

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Right in the center of Bergen is a beautiful national monument, the ruined church. A beautiful 15th century church with a rich history. The village of Bergen grew up around this church, which used to be a chapel.

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The Hof te Bergen or 'Oude Hof' is the first country estate in the Netherlands, which was laid out in a French-classical style, with viewing avenues, sight axes, ponds, cat mountains and rows of trees according to a strict geometric pattern (1643-1660). The principal was Anthonis Studler van Zurck, master craftsman of Bergen. The main house ('Het Hof') contains a 17th-century core, but has a 19th-century appearance and furnishings. The arch bridge and the snake wall (left behind the house) are from the 18th century, the farm and the Zwarte Schuur (once sawmill, now film house) date from around 1800. The park and the 'overbos' (Bergerbos) are freely accessible.

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Artist village

Bergen is traditionally known as an artists' village and was already known as the Bergen glory in the tenth century. The beautiful location on the forest and dunes, near the sea and the diversity in house construction gives Bergen a characteristic appearance. The light, the space and the leafy avenues inspire painters, writers and architects to create many beautiful things.

Walking through the village you will see galleries, well-stocked bookstores and museums that remind you that you are staying in an artists' village.

Forest and dunes

The village is located in the middle of a wooded area. Lovely to walk in this green setting, with or without a dog or horse. And before you know it, you can walk in the dunes to enjoy the beautiful surroundings (make sure you have bought a dune card for the PWN dune area).

The centre

In the village center, around the Ruins Church, you will find numerous shops, boutiques, terraces and welcoming restaurants. There is always something to do here. The shops are open every day and activities are organized all year round. Bergen is vibrant and a holiday destination for young and old!